It was last week.

I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Yoshi and I caught on going to Tenryu River water system in Nagano prefecture.

Actually, I am wishfully reached and interviewed at Horin Shinbun “separate volume stream 2017 summer”.

It is on sale in mid-June.

When I go to a book shop with my father when I was a child, I always read a magazine related to a mountain stream from one end and select a book such as this one.


As I turned back to it now, many of the magazines I bought at that time are magazines published by Tsurushi.

And after all it is a treasure for me that is a hero of childhood Yuzo Sedo Okina ‘s rockfish Unno Fall series video is also published by Tsurushima Shrine.

It is decided that you can publish it in the separate book of summer mountain stream of 2017 summer of such a longing.

I really appreciate Timuko who invited me.

In the apparel era of my former role, I’ve had little to television and fashion magazines, but it is different if it becomes a fishing related magazine.

I was trembling indeed

That’s it for me.

You will be surprised.

Both the rural parents and younger brother.

Everyone was really fishing for the 90’s.

My brother is 5 years old and crosses the Yagisawa Dam and Okuro Fishing.

Is not it the youngest record?

I heard that I am still going to Chichibu and Gunma, but I finally became a hairdresser so please be careful not to get injured.

Finally I got a nine-dimensional rockfish.

“Yamame fish competing for fishing techniques”


“Fish talking fishing stories Iwana”

Everyone is drawn to the charm of this fish.

My wife something like IT related OL who is not interested in mountains and fishing at all.

In a sense that goes to the gym, it may be good for a diet. . .

It is now immersed in the charm of Iwana.

I am sorry I have written only about private things today.

When listening to Johnny Cash’s singing Heart of Gold, I write a blog like this kind of thing. . .

Also, I hope to see you somewhere in the mountain.