GROUNDSTORE (Ground Store) is a select shop based on the concept of enjoying fashion and outdoor sports “Tenkara Fishing”.
Clothes and tools collected by the keyword “Urban Outdoor” are pursuing not only the outdoor design but also the design and functionality that you can use even in your usual city life.
We have a coffee stand in the actual shop. Please also use it as a place to exchange information.


The GROUNDSTORE Chofu-shi, Tokyo ground store is the select shop which assumed that I enjoy a fashion and outdoor sports “Japanese traditional fly fishing” a concept.
I update the online store & fishing line article.


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Shop information

Address Kokuryocho 1−23−11 Ushinoue Building 1F Chofu, Tokyo
182-0022 Japan
Business hours 15:00~21:00
Regular holiday Sunday National holiday
Phone +81-42-480-0595