Fishing traditional amago living in a rice south of Hakone

Tenkara fishing to the river on the south side of Hakone this day. It is said that the northernmost is on the border with Hayakawa Hayakawa and the south is amago. I went to check its actuality. Tenkara USA /… Continue Reading →

Tenkara fishing popular among women

Practice Tenkara fishing class. First time tenkara fishing is not difficult thinking firstly shake the pole and try to fly the fly anyway. Tenkara fishing in natural mountain streams often gets hooked by branches of trees, so first a compact… Continue Reading →

Practice at Katsuragawa branch Tenkara Fishing class

Practical Tenkara fishing class at the Katsuragawa tributary. It was a day mainly focusing on attention points and approaches when walking in the river as it was the first natural stream stream. In a bad weather, hit a brilliant Yamame!… Continue Reading →

Yamame fishing in Minami Akawa going by Vespa

Home River Ten color fishing of Yamame in Minami Akawa, Hinohara village, Tokyo. There is almost no parking place here, so the entry point is limited, but there is a section where the fish remains, so you can enjoy quiet… Continue Reading →

Iwana three consecutive in the Katsuragawa tributary! hit! (video)

I entered the Yamanashi prefecture Katsuragawa branch. I was able to hit three times with small points. Atari ‘s moment at which the line is drawn in suddenly There is a “feeling” feeling. Tenkara fishing of the highest pleasant was… Continue Reading →

Tenkara Fishing on Rainy Day (Movie Version)

It is a movie version of Tenkara fishing on rainy day. Image raining of Tenkara fishing which sinks hair fish and fish before the rainy season.  

Spring Yamame When the cherry blossoms bloom (Movie Version)

When the cherry blossoms bloom it is spring season’s season. Yamame which was released this spring also caught.

Tenkara Fishing Guide (Movie Version) at Sagami River Tributary

It is a state of the Tenkara Fishing Guide the other day. Goal “Fish and eat! “Was achieved. It was a very fun day.  

Tenkara fishing for Yamame in Hinohara village (Movie version)

It is a movie version of Tenkara fishing for Yamame of Hinohara village. I recorded the hit scene of Yamame.

Tenkara fishing and harvesting of wild vegetables (animated version)

It is a movie version of Tenkara fishing and sampling of wild vegetables. I recorded a hit scene which failed hooking.