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Iwana three consecutive in the Katsuragawa tributary! hit! (video)

I entered the Yamanashi prefecture Katsuragawa branch. I was able to hit three times with small points. Atari ‘s moment at which the line is drawn in suddenly There is a “feeling” feeling. Tenkara fishing of the highest pleasant was… Continue Reading →

AIRISTA / Airlista UL Wading Shoes

Tsurushinaga “separate volume stream 2017 summer” (released in mid-June) It is a new shoes of Air Rista who used the sample when fishing interview of the Tenryu River water system and used it. Airista / UL wedding shoes developed for… Continue Reading →

Things remembered with the interview of the Hinrikyo Tenryu River Water System Nagano Prefecture “separate volume stream 2017 summer”

It was last week. I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Yoshi and I caught on going to Tenryu River water system in Nagano prefecture. Actually, I am wishfully reached and interviewed at Horin Shinbun “separate volume stream… Continue Reading →

Tenkara Fishing on Rainy Day (Movie Version)

It is a movie version of Tenkara fishing on rainy day. Image raining of Tenkara fishing which sinks hair fish and fish before the rainy season.  

Tenkara fishing on rainy day

As usual I checked the weather forecast of the next day as usual, and the probability of rain in Yamanashi prefecture is 60%. Finally it is already rainy if I think that the Yamame started moving around last week. It… Continue Reading →

Spring Yamame When the cherry blossoms bloom (Movie Version)

When the cherry blossoms bloom it is spring season’s season. Yamame which was released this spring also caught.

Spring Yamame When the cherry blossoms bloom

April 2, 2017 Cherry blossoms also bloomed in the satoyama of the Sagami River system. The most common answer is “When Fuji’s flowers bloom” when asked when the season of Tenkara is. However, for me recently, “When the cherry blossoms… Continue Reading →

Tenkara Fishing Guide (Movie Version) at Sagami River Tributary

It is a state of the Tenkara Fishing Guide the other day. Goal “Fish and eat! “Was achieved. It was a very fun day.  

Tenkara Fishing Guide at Sagami River Tributary

Today we will guide A to Yamamezawa in Yamanashi Prefecture Sagami River system. Nearby Satoyama Stream which can go by train or bus from Tokyo in about 2 hours. It is a plan to catch it by yourself and eat… Continue Reading →

Tenkara fishing for Yamame in Hinohara village

April 12, 2017 On this day I went out for Yamame fishing in Akigawa. Akawa is a river that is very popular with a mountain stream fisherman in Tokyo alongside the Tama river. Around the bridge in front of the… Continue Reading →

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